Thinking about National Board Certification? Now’s the time!

The state legislature is supportive, OSPI has opened up applications for their conditional loan (closes May 18), and the WEA is now registering people for Jump Start, their fabulous summer seminar that will get you on your way! If National Board certification has been in the back of your mind, now might be the time to pursue it. National Board Certification is a rigorous professional development program which focuses on making a positive impact on student learning.

Why do it?

Teaching and Learning Benefits:

  • Positive impact on student learning
  • Improved professional practice
  • Personal challenge
  • Backed by extensive independent research

Certification Benefits:

  • Replaces state teaching certificate (no clock hour requirement!)
  • Can be done instead of ProCert/ProTeach
  • If you have a residency certificate, that certificate can be renewed for the full three years you may be a National Board candidate to allow for retakes
  • 45 clock hours for completing process; 45 more upon certification; many more for attending support programs

Financial Benefits:

  • $5090 annual stipend for 10 years and can be renewed
  • The stipend is $3054 the first year a teacher certifies–it is prorated because certification happens partway through the school year
  • Pensionable: $1527 extra annually (depending on years of service) in defined benefit portion of the Teachers’ Retirement System for duration of retirement
    (1 percent X $5090 X 30 years service credit = $1527)

What is it?

4 entries, April 1-March 31 timeline:

  • One entry on assessment practice and analyzing student work
  • Two video based entries—usually one small group and one whole class
  • One entry documenting impact on student learning by the teacher as a learner, the teacher as a collaborator/leader, and the teacher as communicator with parents and community
  • 6 assessment exercises. These are 30 minutes each and are completed in one day at an assessment center.
  • Take One! Program. You have the option of completing one portfolio entry a year before you complete the rest, allowing you to spread the work over more time and make sure the process is right for you before you do the whole thing.

What support is available?

  • District/University support programs: get feedback on papers/videos from a trained facilitator, give and receive peer feedback, required by state loan.
  • Conditional loan from OSPI. Applications are due May 18. This is a no interest loan that is paid back out of the first year’s stipend. It is for $2000. The candidate is responsible for the other $500 of the NBPTS registration fee.
  • OSPI will pay (as a scholarship) for two retakes; priority given to state loan recipients
  • National scholarships.
  • WEA Jump Start and Home Stretch. Need based scholarships are available. Great seminars from our state teachers’ union to help you through the process.

What are the next steps?

  • Choose a certificate area.
  • Read the “Assessment at a Glance” document for an overview of requirements and sample questions
  • Look at the National Board teaching standards and see how they are reflected in your own classroom!
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